Old Fashioned Recipe Cards are Great

Some people like to keep their recipes on recipe cards instead of creating a family cookbook. Old fashioned recipe cards are still a great way to collect and keep family recipes.

For those of you who prefer this method of preserving family recipes, we have several templates in our cookbook software that allows you to create old fashioned recipe cards in two different sizes (3 x 5 and 4 x 6).

The recipe card design choices below are found in the “Printing” tab by clicking “Recipes.” (Previews are available by clicking the magnifying glass to see your design before you print.) We are considering adding other design choices when we update our software next time, so your suggestions are welcome. For now, here are the choices:

Cards modern — A clean-lined way to print recipe cards 4-up on regular paper or on special perforated recipe card paper.

Custom banner — Create your own recipe card design by loading your own photo or artwork, including a personalized “From the Kitchen of” heading.

Heritage — A standard recipe card design featuring lacy design in two corners.

Chopsticks — A standard recipe card design featuring a simple theme.

Celtic — A standard recipe card design with an old country feel.

The advantage to using old fashioned recipe cards is that they fit into the old recipe card boxes (that we enjoyed thumbing through as children), and they are very easy to use while cooking.

The recipe cards you can make with our cookbook software are more legible than handwritten ones, plus they are more interesting and personalized than plain white or colored index cards.

Also, if you want to eventually create a family cookbook instead of printing old fashioned recipe cards, you can easily convert to a cookbook format by selecting a different design template (again in the “Recipe” dropdown in the “Printing” tab).

We encourage you to keep family food traditions and memories alive by making and using old fashioned recipe cards with our cookbook software. It’s a great option for preserving your family recipes.

(Incidentally, if you are interested in having a place to store your recipe cards, check out our new recipe box selection.)

Happy recipe card making!


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