12 Ideas: Make a Family Cookbook for Christmas

This is the second of our 12 Ideas of Christmas newsletters, and it’s about Matilda’s Cookbook Software.

The first family cookbook my mom made 🙂

When Ted and I made our cookbook software back in 2007, Mom was our first test subject. She still uses the software to publish her revised cookbook every year and hands them out at Christmas. This is the first one. 

This is from my own cookbook. My boys are a lot bigger now! (But they still love chocolate cake.)

Here’s a customer’s family cookbook that she put in one of our recipe binders. 

Here are 3 Little Secrets

Secret #1: You can print out the cookbooks at your local copy shop in black and white, with just a color cover. These will be less than $10 each, even if you get them spiral bound! Going full color throughout will cost a lot more.

Secret #2: Matilda’s Cookbook Software is the product that started our company. It’s literally the first thing Ted and I invented way back in 2007! It’s going strong because people still want an affordable, easy way to make a family cookbook at home on their PC.

Secret #3: We called it Matilda because that was the name we wanted to call our daughter if we had one. We were blessed with two boys. 🙂

I hope you enjoy making your own family cookbook!

Erin Miller
Owner, Cookbook People

P.S. Please remember Matilda only runs on Windows, and not on Mac or other systems, and won’t work on your phone. People without Windows can still put together family cookbooks the old fashioned way, by hand with our Recipe Binders.

Image of Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software (CD or Download)

Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software (CD or Download) $35.00

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