Spring Cleaning and the Family Cookbook

Okay, there it is. The calendar has told us loud and clear that it is spring. Never mind that some parts of the country are still embedded in snowfall.

Sure as the bunny hops at Easter and the flowers begin to bloom, many of us just itch to remove the year’s accumulated dust from behind books (especially cookbooks), and other nooks and crannies that rarely see the light of day (let alone lamplight).

You know the spots. Fuzzy dust along the baseboard behind the bureau (laden with clothes that we will absolutely never ever wear again, but we keep around “just because”.)

Or, the portable cardboard file box we neatly plopped our favorite recipe clippings and cherished family recipes in, at first just to have a place to put them. Then the box started to collect stuff on top (including dust), and slowly the interior became a dark abyss of good intentions. They nag at us gently from the corner of our mind: “one day we will do something with all of those recipes”


So today do yourself a great big favor and commit to handling those recipes by making a family cookbook* and eradicating those feelings of guilt and sloth. You and I both know you will feel much better knowing those recipe dust bunnies are gone. Plus, it will be a project that you accomplished yourself quickly, easily and with professional-looking results that you can share with family members everywhere.

The time is now. Spring is in the air.

Happy dusting and cookbooking,

(* with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, of course.)

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