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My name is Erin and I am a habitual list maker.

There, I said it. My family has made fun of me for years for making lists. They say I am too “organized” (however, they use a different hyphenated word that I prefer not to repeat in polite company.)

Anyway, I like to make lists to keep my mind free for more important thoughts. I get things done by making lists. Like grocery shopping.  I used to make a grocery shopping list every time I needed something from the grocery store, but I got tired of writing down the same grocery items (milk, bread, eggs were always at the top).

So I created a grocery shopping list that was versatile enough to use every grocery shopping trip and contained most of my usual items with room to write new ingredients, say, for a family recipe or a new food product I wanted to try.

Then I decided my grocery shopping list should be organized according to the grocery store layout to make it easier to shop while I walked through the grocery store (much like I organize my discount grocery coupons). I added headings such as Bakery, Beverage, Dairy, Fresh, Frozen, Meat, Pets, and Snacks, among others, and I also added those cute little check boxes for everything. (I use a red or blue pen so my checkmark stands out). I had my grocery shopping checklist saved on my computer so I could print one whenever I needed it.

After a while, I decided it would be great to have my grocery shopping checklist printed on a pad of yellow paper with three holes punched in the side (so I could keep it in my family cookbook binder). I also tried the grocery shopping checklist with a magnet on the pad to keep on the refrigerator door.

I use my grocery shopping checklist notepad all the time. It is really handy because it jogs my memory about stuff I need before I leave the house to go grocery shopping.  (Don’t you hate to make a trip to the grocery store and not know for sure what you need?)

So I thought I would share these two things with you. We have a free grocery shopping checklist form (you can either check off the boxes online and print, or print a blank and check the boxes by hand), or you can buy one of our new Grocery Shopping Checklist Notepads:

If you print the grocery checklist form for free online, it is:
– A convenient standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ size
– Printed all on one side (so it is easy to see the whole list)

If you buy the Grocery Shopping Checklist Notepad for ONLY $2.49, it includes the above, plus:
– Light yellow paper that’s easy on the eyes (and pretty, too)
– 3-hole punched to fit in your family cookbook binder
– 40 sheets on a cardboard backing (enough for a year of shopping trips about every 9 days)
– Optional magnet

I hope you enjoy it! If you like my Grocery Shopping Checklist Notepad, you might also enjoy my family cookbook software, Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, published by my company, The Cookbook People.

Definitely put a copy of this Grocery Shopping Checklist Notepad in your family cookbook as you build one with our cookbook software. That way all your family members can save time while making a grocery shopping list too!

Happy grocery shopping list and cookbooking,


Buy the Grocery Shopping Checklist Notepad

Here’s the free grocery shopping checklist version you can use to check boxes right from your computer (using Acrobat):  Free grocery shopping checklist to complete online

If you want to just print it out and fill it in by hand, click here: Free grocery shopping checklist

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