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4 Unusual Ways You Can Use Custom Recipe Cards

Unlike the plain old white index cards like we used in the old days, custom recipe cards feature special designs or colors and make great gifts for all sorts of occasions – from hostess to business settings.

Every once in awhile I get a handwritten recipe card on a custom card featuring a recipe I’ve asked for. These might come from a good friend or even a new acquaintance. And often they include comments from the recipe card maker.

I used to file these attractive recipe cards into my recipe card box for future reference, but lately I have been including them in my personal cookbook under the section heading “From Friends.”

I do this especially if I have not tried the recipe, but want a quick way to find ideas when I need them.

If I try the recipe and like it, I move the custom card to the appropriate recipe section, giving credit to whomever I received it from. Either way they’re easy to find because the personalized design of the cards make them stand out from the other recipes.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to keep these personalized recipe cards!

When to give away your customized recipe cards

There are lots of occasions when a personalized recipe card makes a great gift or favor. Here are four ideas for using recipe cards you’ve customized yourself:

Home networking parties

If you host any of the popular home marketing parties such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware, PartyLite candles, or Lia Sophia jewelry, you can use custom recipe cards as party favors for your guests.

(Never mind that they are fair game for the party consultant to twist their guilt enough to buy a “little something” so you have a good party total and collect free merchandise).

Just put a few recipe cards together with a little bow and voila, instant parting gift as they happily walk out the door.

Business giveaways

Another great way to use recipe cards is for marketing a business.

You can print a recipe on one side of the recipe card and a marketing message on the other.

Hand them out on counter displays, or use them as direct mailers to local households.

You could also use them for “door knocking” sales promotions as leave-behind mementos.

Christmas card inserts

Insert a recipe card with your favorite cinnamon bun recipe inside your holiday card this coming Christmas, and expect to hear praises from all recipients.They may even reciprocate by sending a card – and a recipe – back to you. 

What a wonderful way to keep in touch and share warm wishes during the holiday. Much more appreciated than the odious “Christmas letter!”

Hostess “thank you’s”

A few recipe cards tied in a bundle are a lovely way to say thanks to a hostess for a dinner party or short stay-over.

You can make these small remembrances especially welcome by including some or all of the main ingredients needed to make the recipe -for example, chocolate chips or pecans for a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

You can probably think of a bunch more uses for customized cards. For example, wedding gifts spring to mind! Let me know what you come up with.

Learn to personlize your own recipe cards

Interested in learning more about making recipe cards? 

Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software can help you make a cookbook or make recipe cards for friends and family.

In our cookbook software, we offer design templates for recipe cards in both 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ formats.

These are great to print and keep, or to give away. 

Happy customizing,


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