Bamboo rainforest overlaid with text, "Why Not Gift a Bamboo Recipe Box from Sustainable Resources?"

Why Not Gift a Bamboo Recipe Box from Sustainable Resources?

Do you have people on your gift list that love items made from sustainable resources?

We at Cookbook People like to help Mother Earth whenever possible. That’s why we carry a range of environment-conscious “green” gifts made from sustainably-sourced bamboo. 

What are ‘sustainable resources”?

If you are not “up” on the meaning of sustainable resources, they’re resources that can be replenished at the same or greater speed as the rate of consumption.

We now use many items in daily life that are made from sustainable resources – such as clothing, flooring, construction materials, furniture, and linens.

Sustainably-sourced Bamboo

One of our favourite sustainable materials here at Cookbook People is bamboo. Bamboo is a really fast-growing plant – a grass, really.

Commercial growers of bamboo don’t need to fear deforestation because they can harvest, replant and then harvest the bamboo again fairly quickly. So there are no ugly bare hillsides.

In fact, sustainably-sourced bamboo can grow up to 24 to 48 inches in a single day!

Bamboo recipe box

Bamboo Recipe Box

Our beautiful bamboo recipe box is one of our favorite gift items made from sustainable resources.

It’s generous in size with plenty of room for 4 x 6 recipe cards.

We also include 9 pre-printed dividers to help you organize family recipes – or recipe collections –  into neat categories. Our bamboo recipe box has a nice hard finish with a warm tone that goes with most any décor.

Bamboo Tool Holder with 4 Tools

Another gift item we make from sustainable resources is our bamboo kitchen tool holder. This stylish holder has a metal trim and comes complete with a set of 4 versatile tools which are also made of bamboo.

The tools are safe for use on all cooking surfaces and gentle on your pots and pans.

So, for a lovely gift item without negative impact to the environment, consider our bamboo recipe box. Or bamboo tool holder. Or both!

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