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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Remain Triumphant

Have you noticed that grilled cheese sandwiches just never go out of fashion?

Whether it’s a basic version sold at a fast food restaurant or a bistro menu item marketed as a trendy retro dish, or a kiddy comfort food, this food is still as popular as ever.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are so popular in America that April has been designated Grilled Cheese Month. 

Who knew? Quite a few master chefs, as a matter of fact. Several years ago, the hot restaurants offered grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu right up there with Tomato Basil Bisque or Chicken Tortilla Soup. These sandwiches were made even more upmarket by Panini grills and rustic breads.

Erin’s Recipe for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Doesn’t everyone know how to make grilled cheese sandwiches? I thought so, yet here’s my twist on the old favorite.


  • Two slices bread (I like Dutch Dill Rye)
  • Cheese of your choice  (Try Swiss for a change)
  • Soft butter or meltable grilling baste (such as mayonnaise)
  • Salt
  • Dill slices
  • Prosciutto (optional)


Spread one side of a bread slice with butter, and place the butter-side-down on the hot griddle.

Wait 30 seconds, then turn the bread over and place cheese slices on top of now melted butter. This serves to accelerate the cheese melting process.

Sprinkle cheese with a little salt.

Top with second buttered slice and cook a few minutes until golden brown.

Tuck some dill pickle slices – and optionally, prosciutto – into the melted cheese before serving.

I bet that you have a favorite treatment for grilled cheese sandwiches in your family cookbook (or at least a recipe card in your recipe card box). If not, try the one above and let me know how you like it.

Happy Cookbooking,


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