Make a Cookbook for $8

After buying our cookbook software, you can easily print off your cookbook at home for free. But of course it’s not really free, what with toner and paper and such. And you still might want to bind it together in something other than one of our nice recipe binders.
So here’s a great place where you can make your cookbook for around $8/each (6 books). The specs I’ve set out in the link give you 50 pages (black and white) with a color front and back cover, spiral binding and a clear plastic protective sheet over front and back. These folks do great work!

Stinky Tale of Hazmat in the House

The sequence of events and facts in the following story are absolutely true. The names have been changed to protect the, well, you’ll figure it out.


While I was visiting my dear friend, Ruth, and enjoying tea at her kitchen table, I noticed a rather large gap along the baseboard of her kitchen cupboard.  “My, that’s big enough for something to live in,” I remarked.  Ruth replied, “Oh, yes, I know. I need to fix it one of these days.”Continue reading

When condiments go bad

Want a simple chart to document when your mustard or mayo has gone bad? We’ve got a handy little condiment freshness chart.(We found it here, but it wasn’t very printer friendly so I cleaned it up.) Could look nice in your family cookbook.

It’s just a nifty way to know the skinny on when your condiment has turned on you.

If you liked that, you might want to check out our kitchen conversion chart or our printable grocery checklist.

Free Grocery Shopping List – Printable template

Ever wanted a free shopping list that was organized by grocery store sections? I put together a free, printable grocery shopping list that you can fill out online using Acrobat, or just print out and fill in by hand.

Definitely put a copy of this in your family cookbook as you build one with our cookbook software. That way all your family members can save time while making a grocery list too!

Here’s the version you can use to check boxes right from your computer (using Acrobat).

If you want to just print it out and fill it in by hand, click here.

I hope you enjoy it! If you like it, you might also enjoy my family cookbook software, Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, published by my company, The Cookbook People.


If you enjoy this shopping list template, you might also like our free recipe card template. Here are some of the cards you can print with it:

recipe card designs


The Ultimate Kitchen Conversion Chart

kitchen conversion chart

Get a free, printer-friendly chart by clicking here.

We’ve built a pretty unique all-purpose printable kitchen conversion chart. A lot of nifty features arranged nicely on just two pages. (I’ve already printed out a copy and put it on my own refrigerator.)

Converts cups, teaspoons, gallons, Celsius, and more.

Charts how many cups will fit into different baking pans.

Charts how long food can stay frozen

Gives roasting guidelines for chicken, pork and beef

Advises on how to cook a steak medium rare

Extensive ingredient conversion list

Two rulers (inch and centimeter)

If you are using our software to make a family cookbook, I strongly recommend you download this and put it into your book!

If you are just stumbling through, download and print it anyway! It’s the perfect kitchen reference tool.

We took a lot of the information from this chart and built a handy magnetic conversion chart that looks great on your refrigerator. It’s only a little over $12, and it’d look nice in any kitchen.