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How to Connect Meaningfully This Christmas – with Your Family Cookbook!

What if you could bring your family members to life when writing your Christmas cards?

Storing family members’ addresses and photos right in your cookbook using Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software can help you do just that!

Few things in life are more pleasurable than receiving a handwritten letter from an old friend or beloved family member.

There is joy in reading the message, as well as knowing you mattered enough for the writer to sit down and take time to share a personal moment with you.

Now, imagine the annual Christmas card tradition and how important a special message can be to someone in the family who has fallen off the Christmas card list.

Helping families re-connect and stay meaningfully connected are some of the reasons we developed Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software.

We wanted to build more than a computerized family cookbook-maker that generates a neatly organized collection of family recipes.

Bring your family members to life for more meaningful connection

Our cookbook software has several features that, in my opinion, make our software “cook.” To say nothing of helping you connect meaningfully at Xmas!

For example, you can include information about family members – whether or not they have contributed any recipes to the cookbook.

In the “People” tab, you can add:

  • family member’s name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • birthday
  • a photo

Can you imagine anything more meaningful than viewing a photo of your family member while writing a Christmas card from the address list in your family cookbook?

In that instant, you are more connected to your family member than you ever could be using an ‘efficient’ Excel mailing list or a “Christmas letter”.

And the card recipient will experience some of those same feelings of connection. (As well as whenever they open their family cookbook – wherever they may be in the world.)

You can really connect meaningfully by turning the tradition of Christmas card writing into real joy for both you and the recipient.

So, this Christmas, open your family cookbook and send a little personal message. This is a piece of yourself that can’t be duplicated electronically!

Happy Family Cookbooking,


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