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Making and Selling a Fundraising Cookbook: Unusual and Effective!

Making a fundraising cookbook is an unusual and effective way to encourage donations for your project.

Gone are the days when people donated just to donate. They now want some form of tangible return. What better form of return to offer than creating a fundraising cookbook to sell.

The challenge of getting donation in difficult economic times

Every year after school starts a lot of groups look for fundraising projects for various schools, houses of worship, and community organizations. But, let’s face it, fundraising for these groups is a never ending cycle. And it’s particularly challenging in these economic times.

One thing I’ve learned over the years about fundraising is that people will donate generously if they perceive “value.” In other words, they want to “get something in return for their donation.” A fundraising cookbook is effective precisely because it taps into this notion of getting something in return.

Not only does a fundraising cookbook help the cause, it may provide an allowable tax deduction for the buyer if the organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group (see your tax consultant for details).

Strategies for selling a fundraising cookbook

People love cooking! Which makes selling a fundraising cookbook a lot easier than you might think. Plus a cookbook has the added benefit of being unusual. It’s not every day someone gives you a cookbook in exchange for a fundraising donation!

Get members of your group to contribute to your fundraising cookbook. This is a great way to add value to the cookbook and thereby create a solid and effective sales strategy!

When a member of the group contributes a recipe, the proud contributor will want to snatch up a copy of this unusual cookbook for their own kitchen bookshelf. And they’ll also want to buy copies for the kitchen bookshelves of family members and friends thereby increasing the fundraising for the cookbook.

Co-ordinating your fundraising cookbook

It may be easier to coordinate pulling teeth than getting your group to submit their recipes in sufficient time to finish by the deadline you’ve set. So you’ll need to employ unusual and effective tactics for getting your group’s submissions for your fundraising cookbook!

These days using a Kickstarter campaign might be the most effective way to organise your fundraising as it helps members get the idea out to all their family and friends in an organised and structured way.

But if that sounds too complicated, or you need to get your fundraising going quickly, we’ve developed a simple form that can be sent home to parents with a letter of explanation. This effective form will encourage parents to participate and submit their recipes. It is a Microsoft Word document, so changing the wording to your specific needs is easily done. Enjoy!

Fundraising Cookbook Submission Form (Free)

Happy fundraising cookbook making!


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