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Capture Summer Vacation Memories by Making a Family Souvenir Cookbook

Why not make a custom family cookbook using cookbook software as a great vacation souvenir? It’s a unique memento for every family member!

Remember those first few days of the new school year when teachers would ask students to write an essay on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation?”

These days it’s difficult to get kids interested in this kind of assignment due to its lack of texting possibilities. But they might enjoy helping create a family cookbook based on all the places they went and all the food they ate during their summer vacation break. (Using Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software of course!)

Include kids favourite meals in your souvenir cookbook

Let’s say you summer vacation was in a small town visiting grandparents.

You could work with your kids to create a family summer vacation souvenir cookbook featuring recipes of the kids’ favorite meals or special treats made by grandma. 

You could also include recipes inspired by local restaurants or food stands that the kids enjoyed during the trip.

Perhaps a hamburger joint became the place to hangout and people watch. What was the most popular dish the kids ordered there? Include it with a recipe “inspired by Joe’s of Wasilla,” for example.

And, if travel was not on the list of vacation activities this year – due to gas prices or cost savings in general – popular spots around local towns can still be inspirational. 

The apple pie at the local diner, root beer floats at the drive-through, or simple fried bologna sandwiches at home. All these contain memories to be captured in a family summer vacation souvenir cookbook.

In addition, having various family members collaborate to create a souvenir cookbook can be fun and entertaining. Each member can contribute his or her ideas and memories of the summer. Warning! It might provoke a lively discussion about what really happened on vacation!

How to make an engaging summer vacation recipe book

Remember, your family souvenir cookbook doesn’t have to be big. Any number of pages will do.

Just be sure to do some of the following:

  1. Gear the recipes toward each place you visited.
  2. Add stories about the experience of trying the dish(es).
  3. Include photos of family members eating the dish(es).
  4. Add information about the destination.
  5. Add comments from family members.

For whatever reason, when I travel, my souvenir of choice is a locally-made cookbook from wherever I’m visiting. (Granted, I have way too many cookbooks already on my sagging shelves, but there is always room for one more!)

However, making a custom family recipe book using cookbook software makes it easy to create a great vacation souvenir and a unique memento every member of the family can have. Over time, their shelves will be full of irreplaceable mini time capsules of how they spent their summer vacations.

Think about making a summer vacation souvenir cookbook as new family tradition for preserving fond memories together!

Happy cookbooking,


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