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How to Use Your Family Cookbook for Time Travel

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time you opened your family cookbook, you could time travel at will? What if you could turn a page in your family recipe book and travel back in time to see how life was in ages past? How about traveling forward in time?

Well in a sense, you can.

Family recipes reflecting past and predicting future

Your family cookbook is a treasure-trove of recipes that were saved when a family member wrote them down on paper.

Unlike using the “show-and-tell-method” to pass along cooking wisdom and family cooking secrets, the family recipe book gives future generations the opportunity to do a little cooking time travel.

Take a quick time travel journey back to your great grandmother’s photo and her recipe for blueberry pie.

Then zoom forward to cousin Adela’s avant-garde – and very secret – recipe for blueberry-strawberry extract that is destined to become a mainstream nutritional supplement in 20 years.

Find family skeletons and secrets in the family cookbook

When you open up your family recipe book, you never know where your time travel will take you.

You might find newspaper clippings or old letters that reveal things about your ancestors that you never imagined. Like the time Uncle Arthur ran away to the circus and married a chimpanzee (or so the story goes). Or when little Jimmie found buried treasure in the garden.

Or recipes that tell stories of when members of your family visited from far flung places.

A family cookbook is a time capsule – captured on paper (or a memory stick) – for generations today, and in the future, to discover and enjoy the history and anecdotes of their ancestors..

A family recipe book is truly one of the few things that spans the past, present and future all at once. Make them; cherish them; use them for time travel.

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