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Wedding Bells & the Recipe Box: All Sorts of Gift Ideas!

“Why don’t you tell people what nice gifts these recipe boxes would make for wedding showers?” Ruth asked.

“When my daughter got married, we struggled to find unique hostess gifts.  These recipe boxes would have been just perfect. You could choose each recipe box design thoughtfully for each person and then add the matching recipe cards. It would make an impressive, well-liked gift.”

Ruth had come over to see our lovely recipe box assortment that I was bragging about. “Crowing was more like it,” Ruth wisecracked as she turned over the recipe box we aptly named Chicken with Checkers to inspect its interior and exterior.

After Ruth examined all the new designs and gave them her seal of approval, she came up with her wonderful suggestion. And her idea of giving away a recipe box as a wedding shower gift then sparked a whole bunch of wedding recipe and recipe box-related ideas:

More wedding related recipe ideas

  • Exchange recipes
  • Give packets of recipe cards as favors
  • Play “complete the recipe games”
  • Make a mini-cookbook
  • Hide additional small gifts inside the recipe box

I’m sure all the clever brides-to-be out there have even more creative ideas to incorporate a recipe box in their upcoming wedding festivities. (Let’s just hope they don’t get too distracted by all our lovely recipe box designs and forget to get dressed for the big day.)

And don’t forget that a recipe box engraved with the names of the happy couple makes a unique and very special wedding gift!

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