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5 Ways to Tell When Your Family Cookbook is Done

“You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” Kenny Rogers used to sing this line in a great song about playing cards. That’s also true about calling your family cookbook done. You have to recognize when it’s time to stop adding recipes and go ahead and print.

But how can be sure your family recipe book is complete?

With our cookbook software you can easily print a copy of your family cookbook and circulate it to family members for their input. You don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars in hardbound printing costs.

In fact, you can make updates any time, revise recipes, and keep all of the family recipes electronically, and still choose only the ones you want to print, when you want to print them.

This is great when you can’t decide what recipes to include in the finished family cookbook, whether for sentimental, political or practical reasons.

So just how do you know when your family cookbook is done?  Here are five ways to tell:

1.  When you have no more family recipes to include

Yep, seems simple, but often family members try to have the “perfect” family cookbook and continue to add recipes just to fill out a section. It’s okay to have only one family recipe in a section. Why add a stranger’s recipe to your family cookbook?

2.  When family members begin to ask for it

Your family cookbook is done, if enough time has elapsed since you collected family recipes and family members are persistently asking for a copy. Go ahead and print your first edition of the family recipe book. You can always go back and add new recipes, change existing ones and print other copies.

3. When 90% of the recipes are from the same contributors

If you have 100 recipes and only two people have submitted them, you don’t really have a family cookbook. (Unless you are the only two left in the family. )

What you have is a co-authored cookbook.

Why not split up the recipes into two volumes? That way each contributor has a separate complete cookbook of their own recipes.

4.  When you lose interest

It’s time to call your family cookbook done when you lose the rhythm you once had in adding recipes.

Our recipe templates are easy to use and technically no more complicated than sending an email. But if you can’t find the time to continue your project, then your family recipe book is done. At least for now.

It’s time to print out what you do have. Give one copy to a family member to review and pass around for input from other family members.  You’ll get enthused again after everyone gives you their corrections! Guaranteed.

5. When you have run out of time

That long-planned family reunion, birthday, or other family celebration is just a week away and you have yet to print a copy of your family cookbook.

The family recipe book is to be a special gift or memento for the occasion, so you don’t have a moment to lose — get ‘er done!

Remember, with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, do-overs are always really easy!

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