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No More Messy Recipe Pages: Why You Need a Cookbook Stand

A cookbook stand. You probably wouldn’t think of a holder for your recipe book as a priority in your kitchen, right?

Yet working with your cookbook on the counter means it gets messy food stains all over it. And, especially if you’re using a larger recipe binder or cookbook, it takes up precious space needed for the many dishes you’re preparing.

Here’s a scenario you’ll probably find familiar:

1.  Mixing spoon in one hand.
2.  Deep mixing bowl held tightly with the other hand.
3.  Cookbook flat on the countertop, pages flapping in the breeze just as you try to read the next ingredient in the recipe you’re making.

Of course, the mixing spoon hand has some sticky stuff on the fingers, so after you release the spoon (and carefully position it so it doesn’t sink into whatever you’re making), you have to rinse and wipe your fingers off before attacking the cookbook pages in an attempt to keep them from flapping further.

So you try a bunch of ways to keep your cookbook open to the right recipe:

  • Crack the spine
  • Rubber bands
  • Large paper clips
  • Two clothespins (anybody out there remember them?)
  • Prop it open with a heavy knife, tumbler, or the flour canister, if it’s handy
  • Use chip clips
  • Weigh one page with your cell phone, the other with your iPod

Wouldn’t it be easier if only you had a cookbook stand?

Making your own recipe book holder

Years ago I made my own cookbook holder stand of sorts. It was a modified plate holder actually, but it worked pretty well if the cookbook wasn’t heavy or too thick.

The plate holder kept the cookbook upright so I could read the recipe easily, without leaving messy handprints all over the pages. It saved me lots of unproductive cooking time.

A cookbook stand to cope with heavy recipe binders

You can buy cookbook stands that work great for lighter cookbooks, but tumble over or break when a full-sized binder is placed on them.

So we’ve made the perfect solution for you!

Our beautiful deluxe Cookbook People hard wood cookbook holder stand will easily accommodate any of the books in your cookbook collection – no matter how chunky they are.

Our durable stand is perfect for our half and full-page cookbook binders and it has a small “footprint” on the countertop – leaving you plenty of room for actually preparing your food!

As if that wasn’t enough, the cookbook stand has two acrylic sheets to protect the pages of your precious recipe book from those inevitable splatters.

We also have other stands in the range such as our Under Counter Cookbook or iPad Holder and a variety of full page flip stands, of which the Vanderbilt Flip Stand is my favourite.

So if you need the freedom to cook without the hassle of trying to keep your recipe book open to the right page, then a cookbook holder stand is definitely for you.

(And then you can toss those old clothespins that nobody except you knows what to do with.)

Check out all our cookbook stands!


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