Sunny outdoor table and chairs with flowers in pot and open book, captioned: Why not make (and Sell) a Bed & Breakfast Recipe Cookbook?

Why Not Make (And Sell) a Bed & Breakfast Recipe Cookbook?

Last time I visited a Bed and Breakfast, I asked for a copy of a recipe for a particularly delicious morning pastry. The hostess obliged by hand-copying the recipe for me on a sheet of guesthouse stationery.

But wouldn’t it have been nice if I could have bought a copy of the Bed & Breakfast’s recipe cookbook?

Homey B&B lodgings and recipes

While traveling I often try to stay at local B&B’s. It’s fun meeting like-minded travelers, the accommodation is usually very homey, and the food is most likely top-notch.

I’m surprised that more Bed and Breakfast hosts don’t think of presenting special recipes to their guests.

Making a Bed & Breakfast recipe cookbook would be so easy with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software. There could even be a section in each B&B cookbook about famous people who’ve stayed there. The host might include a little story and photo of this noteworthy stopover.

What a wonderful souvenir of a nice visit and a lovely way for the hosts to pass on their best B&B recipes. Not to mention a great new revenue stream for the guesthouse.

Do you run a Bed and Breakfast? Are there special recipes you could include in a cookbook? Might be worth trying!

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