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How to Create Great Family Cookbooks with Our Easy-To-Use Templates

When we started designing Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, I began to understand why easy-to-use recipe templates are the key to creating great family cookbooks.

We borrowed the idea of using a template from the crafting world. Sewing hobbyists use patterns. Interior decorators use stencils. Painters and muralists use outlines. So, using a recipe template to automatically produce a professional-looking family recipe cookbook makes total sense.

When I imagined recipe software that I would use, I pictured an easy-to-use template which would create a great family recipe book.

So when you choose a cookbook software to make your own family cookbook, look for a few smart features that can make your cookbooking experience a more pleasant one.

Look for a recipe template that:

  • Won’t let you duplicate a recipe name.
  • Allows you to select a frequent contributor’s name in a drop-down choice to avoid having to type it again.
  • Enables you to choose which category the recipe fits in, such as a standard “Soup” or “Bread” category, or to customize the recipe template to your own personal tastes and preferences, such as “Arabic” or “Japanese” dishes.
  • Allows you to add family history and control the design and printing.
  • Thinks for you and automatically formats pages behind the scenes.

I do so like having a recipe template that is smart and easy to use. Would you expect anything less from a family recipe cookbook software designed by a woman?

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