The Secret Cookbook: Surprise Family Members by Using the Fine Art of Delicious Deception

How do you make your own family recipe book without any family members knowing about it? Here are a few ideas that can help you make your secret family cookbook a reality (and end up being much easier than you may think):

1. Become the Family Spy!
Not the James Bond kind, of course (although dressing up like one of 007’s ladies might be a little fun). You’ll want to secretly target the relative whose dish you wish to include in your family recipe collection (made possible with easy to use recipe software templates). Get cozy with that person, and inquire casually about the recipe. Ask if there are any secret ingredients that make the dish special.  Finally, you’ll need to ask for the secret (or not so secret) recipe, or write it down on the spot using your trusty note pad and pen that you have stashed in your bag for such occasions.

2. Become Aunt Angie’s, Uncle Harry’s or Grandma’s NBF (New Best Friend)!
By identifying all recipes you want to include in the family cookbook, you’ll have a good outline of which relatives you will need to contact to carry out your secret mission. Ask them over for a friendly cup of tea or light lunch (or get invited to their place, which is even better for guaranteeing recipe accuracy). Find out if they need or want anything you can bring to them. Keep the relationship going for a few months, then gradually bow out gracefully (that’s assuming you really can’t stand the person, which does happen!).

3. Be an Opportunist!
Family gatherings present marvelous opportunities for collecting information for making a family cookbook in secret.  Some are noted below:

– Birthdays
– Weddings/Wedding showers
– Family reunions
– Graduations
– National Holidays (New Year’s, Fourth of July, Labor Day)
– Baby showers
– Thanksgiving
– Family dinners
– Religious Observances (Easter, Christmas, Yom Kippur, etc.)

4. Use a Great Recipe Software
Select a great recipe software to make your family recipe cookbook. If you do, you won’t be tempted to whine about how tedious your secret project is, thus making it not a secret anymore. We are partial to our own very intuitive recipe software (Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software) because it is so easy to use (only 3 tabs, with automatic formatting), and you can make custom recipe cards for all those family recipes, too.

All of this deception will result in a delicious family cookbook that you can use as a surprise gift for all family members any time during the year. Most of our users like to use the chilly winter season to sit down and enter family recipes into the cookbook software’s recipe templates. It is much easier that quilting, in my opinion.  And in the end, you have a wonderful keepsake all family members can enjoy.

Happy cookbooking everyone!


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