A French Theme for Thanksgiving

A few friends have asked what my Thanksgiving menu will be this year. As you may recall, at my house we do an international twist on traditional foods. This year the country of choice is France, and it is amazing how “normal” one can get with French food. Just goes to show how we are influenced in our daily lives by the cuisine of other countries.

Following is our French Thanksgiving menu:

French Thanksgiving

Pâte de Foie Gras aux Truffles *
Apricot Chambord Brie *
Chèvre Cheese & Crackers *
Mushrooms ala Escargot
Kir Royale

French Thanksgiving
Turkey Cordon Bleu
Cranberries Jubilee
Potatoes au Gratin
Haricot Verts Almandine w/Hollandaise
Stuffing Croquettes
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
French Baguettes & Butter

French Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Mousse Pie
Tarte Tatin *
Café au Lait

I “cheated” and bought the starred items in a supermarket. Everything else in my French Thanksgiving menu is either assembled from readily available ingredients or made from scratch, (including the Hollandaise). While a bit rich in butter and fats (in the traditional French style), this French Thanksgiving menu is not difficult and lends itself to making some dishes while watching Thanksgiving parades or football games.

Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,


P.S. – Now we’re thinking about our Thanksgiving theme for 2010.  Maybe Thai, Japanese, or Chinese.  Hmm. Turkey potstickers, or eggrolls. Could be a winner.

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