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Celebrate Family Cookbook Month – Family History Month

October – Family History Month. But how great it would be to have a Family Cookbook Month instead!

Preserving family history in a cookbook

Family Cookbook Month could be even bigger than Family History Month. Not only could you trace your ancestry through popular genealogy websites, your nearest and dearest could get together to discuss your tribe’s favorite recipes and preserve them in a family cookbook.

Your family could use a cookbook software to include a family tree, complete with photos and biographies in their family cookbook. (Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software immediately comes to mind!)

Parents, grandparents, and other relatives could get involved and share in the memories by contributing their favorite family recipes and stories about family mealtime traditions.

Creating a family heirloom cookbook

Family Cookbook Month could be even more practical than Family History Month. At the end of the month, you’d have a tangible result — a family cookbook of heirloom recipes to cherish forever.

It is a start. Shall we all contact our U.S. Congressional representatives and get bill number (Family Cookbook Month) FCM-100 going for next year?  I’m all for it. After all, I have a special interest. I own the cookbook software!  Tee-hee.

(You know I’m just kidding about FCM-100, right?)

Happy Cookbooking,


P.S. Family history always makes a great gift, especially for the hard-to-impress. This Christmas, a homemade family cookbook that looks professional could be a great, economical way to please more than one family member on your gift list.

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