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Hot August Nights – Refreshing Ways to Cool Down!

Looking for refreshing ways to cool down on these hot August nights? Try my list of super-coolers!

Whew! Is it me, or is there a heat wave going around that just won’t quit? It’s tempting to blame these hot August nights on global warming even though Neil Diamond’s been singing about them since the early ’70s!

But whatever the cause, intense heat can certainly be trying on nerves. Here are some of my favorite ways to cool down over-warm summer evenings – or days!

Basic beverages to beat the heat

  • Water (tap, bottled, well water, we don’t really care, just drink it)
  • Lemonade (make it tart and barely sweet for a thirst-quencher)
  • Iced Tea (slightly sweet, please!)
  • Fruit Ade’s (watered down fruit juices like pomegranate really quench)
  • Ice Cream/sherbet floats (any flavor ice cream and any flavor soda, with a water chaser)
  • Ice Cream Sodas (any flavor ice cream, syrup, soda or carbonated water)

Blended coolers to combat summer sweats

  • Iced coffee with cream (gets thicker as it blends)
  • Fruit Smoothies (use some of those Haagen Dazs® sorbets for a fun treat)
  • Milkshakes (any flavor ice cream with any style of milk, although skim milk seems colder to me)
  • Slushes (ice blends, any flavor)

Cool treats to chill out in August

  • Ice Cream, Sherbet. Gelato, Italian Ice, Yogurt, or Sorbet (by the scoop in the cup)
  • Granitas (classic ”dry” slush made in an old ice cube tray)
  • Ice pops (these frozen push up treats still easy to enjoy)
  • Popsicles (on a stick, including those fruit ones favored in Mexico)
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches (buy ready made or make your own)
  • Ice Cream Sundaes (any flavor, syrup, whipped cream, cherry)

While you don’t really need a family recipe for any of the above coolers, I bet you have a few in your family cookbook anyway. What are some of the foods and drinks you prepare on these hot August nights to keep your cool?

Happy cookbooking,


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