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Delightful Flower Flavored Foods

Have you noticed that some of the most delightfully unusual foods nowadays have slight flower flavors? You can find these flower flavored foods in everything from entrees to desserts.

And there’s such a wide range of choices that even the picky American palate will find something to love.

Here are some of my favourite flower flavored foods:

  • Jasmine – Rice, tea, essential oil
  • Rose – Chocolate truffles, puddings, sorbet, flavored sugar, jam, marshmallows
  • Lavender – Scones, shortbread, mints, gum, ice cream
  • Violet – Candy gels, liqueur, crystallized candy flowers, souffle
  • Orange Blossom – Honey, macaroons, custard, marmalade
  • Orchid – Vanilla flavoring, Turkish hot salep beverage, rum

The origin of flower flavored foods

Making flower flavored foods is an ancient cooking technique which began with the preservation of herbs and spices in olive oils in the Mediterranean region.

Chinese and Indian cuisines also use flower parts to make flower flavored foods.

These days many people use edible flower petals, such as nasturtium or hibiscus petals, to dress up salads or make beautiful ice rings for punch bowls.

You can learn more about the various edible flowers you can use to make flower flavored foods – and the  ones that are NOT edible – at Edible Flowers-Homecooking.

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