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How to Create a True Custom Cookbook

On one of my internet surfing expeditions to spy on my competition (yes, I do that regularly), I was happy to see that Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software still leads the pack in helping you create a custom cookbook at home.

Beware of the cyberspace cookbook threats!

You really have to be careful where you choose to share your data these days.

There are websites that coax you to enter all your family recipes into a virtual cookbook online, all for free. But be sure to read the fine print in the “terms and conditions” because you may be giving up ownership of your own family recipes!

Also be careful of those websites where you can get hard-bound editions of your customized cookbook. After a three month wait for delivery, you may realize you no longer want the recipes you originally selected. Now you’re stuck with that inflexible, expensive-to-make custom cookbook volume mouldering on your bookshelf!

Then, there are websites that want you to take advantage of their recipe management and publishing options to create your cookbook. There might be a confusing number of choices and a variety of expensive prices to choose from.

These websites all sound great. However, the one thing they all have in common is the one thing they DON’T have: A way for you to customize EVERY aspect of your cookbook yourself.

Why Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software beats ’em all

I’m glad our goal for Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software is still steadfast in its simplicity: We help you create a completely customizable cookbook at home on your own computer.

We allow you to keep and stay in control of your own property.

We allow you to control every aspect of your cookbook design and contents yourself.

So much for the competition!

Happy custom cookbooking,


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