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5 Therapeutic Benefits of Making a Recipe Book

You might not think it. But making a recipe book can have as many therapeutic benefits as cooking!

We’re all familiar with the therapeutic effects of cooking: We methodically measure out ingredients for the recipe. We follow a proven recipe plan, successfully combining different components and techniques. And then we enjoy the delicious outcome of our efforts.

The stages of making a recipe book can be therapeutic, too:

  • collect the recipes
  • enter the recipes into the cookbook software
  • proofread the recipes
  • print the pages
  • get the pages bound
  • enjoy our wonderful book or give it as a gift

But it’s not just the stages of making the book that engage us. There are all sorts of therapeutic side benefits to making a recipe book

5 ways making a recipe book can be therapeutic

  1. A project to make a family recipe book can be healing. It encourages you to call estranged family members and heal those old family wounds. (That’s therapeutic!)
  2. Making a recipe book is constructive. If you’re recuperating from an illness or forced to spend a lot of time on your own, creating a recipe book is a both a therapeutic and productive way to pass the time.
  3. A recipe book making project can often turns out to be a remedy. Through research, you correct misconceptions and solve mysteries about your relative your family history. (That’s definitely therapeutic!)
  4. Making a recipe book is empowering. You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you’ve created. (My cookbook software makes sure it all looks professional, too).
  5. Making a recipe book is a grounding experience. It allows you to forget everything but the task at hand for a while. This helps you get perspective on stressful events that may be out of your control. (Now, that IS therapeutic!)

Just as cooking can be a way of tuning out the world and focusing on something timeless, making a recipe book can be really therapeutic. For a while, at least, you can disconnect from the world and its troubles, and focus on a project that will benefit you and your family. What could be more therapeutic than that?

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