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How Not to Labor When Creating a Family Cookbook

Some people think that creating a family cookbook is worse than going into labor. They obviously haven’t tried Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software. We made sure that creating a family cookbook is fun and easy and not like labor of any sort!I can understand how some people might think creating a family cookbook is too complicated or hard. But it doesn’t have to be. With our easy to use software, you don’t have to do any organizing upfront before you start creating your family cookbook.

Our software automatically organizes your recipes!

You can take one recipe at a time – in any order – and input them into our beautiful yet straightforward recipe templates. The templates will automatically organize your recipes alphabetically into sections you choose. So you can enter a banana pudding recipe right after a turkey stuffing recipe or salad dressing, without worrying about where it will show up in the cookbook. (And you won’t get bored either.)

If you want, you can get creative and mix and match the design elements for every recipe. Yet it all turns out looking like you hired a graphic artist to sit by your side while you were creating your family cookbook. (You don’t even have to confess otherwise!)

So, creating a family cookbook needn’t feel like going into labor at all. Forget procrastinating and inventing roadblocks to your success. You can just dive right in and triumph in producing a family cookbook.

Come to think of it, maybe creating a family cookbook with our cookbook software does have some labor involved. I would call it a labor of love.

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