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With Easter baskets soon hopping their way along with the Easter bunny to homes across America, it seems like an appropriate time to remind our readers about Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook software plus many other items we carry that are perfect for Easter baskets or gifts year around.

For example, we have a broad selection of items that enhance the cookbook-making and recipe box collection experience. We have broken them into different categories, based on price:

Under $17

We have more than 82 products at a price of $17 or less listed on our WebPages for your shopping pleasure; some gift items are more practical and others are more traditional. We think they are quite nice.


This web section has lots of recipe card boxes, and many other beautiful ways to brighten someone’s Easter kitchen.


Binders, recipe card boxes, and whole kits for cookbook-making are in this web section to help create a great Easter basket for someone special.

$65  (Free shipping on all orders over $65)

Eight popular products such as hands-free cookbook holders, and bundled kits that make it easy to send a thoughtful gift quickly for Easter (without any charges for shipping!)

Buy American

And, especially for those of you who always try to buy American, we have a special section on our site devoted to the very nice gifts we carry that are made right here in the good old USA.

Happy Easter & Happy Cookbooking,


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