Top 10 Ways to Cook & Eat Parsnips

“Don’t get so parsnipity with me,” Ruth snickered as we sipped our traditional nip of sherry to celebrate the new year. “That’s what my grandmother used to say when I got rambunctious in the kitchen,” she continued. “It always used to make be laugh and brought me back to reality.”

The parsnip root vegetable hardly is amusing, I thought. Heck, they look like anemic carrots. However, for the new year, Ruth and I have a pact to explore some of the more obscure vegetables that lurk in old family recipes we’ve included in our family cookbooks. One of those is parsnips, a relative of the carrot with a sweet, nutty flavor that is usually available in winter.

We put our heads together and came up with our Top 10 Ways to Cook & Eat Parsnips:

– Mashed with salted butter and parsley
– Boiled chunks with dill
– Sauteed with butter and brown sugar
– Diced into soups & stews
– Microwaved chunks with a little water
– Baked like French fries with a dusting of ginger
– Steamed with a bit of cinnamon
– Roasted with olive oil & garlic
– Salad ingredient (grated raw)
– Pureed with cream & nutmeg

Surely there are other ways besides our top 10 ways to cook and eat parsnips, and I bet there is another version in your own family cookbook. If not, try parsnips sometime soon. They are quite delightful, and a nice change of pace from potatoes.

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