Family Reunion Cookbook Stories Wanted!

Tell us your family reunion cookbook stories

We’re hoping to get an interview or two with some newspapers on the subject of family reunions and family reunion cookbooks. I know a lot of our customers make cookbooks as a gift for their reunion. Why not help us out (and see your name in print!)

Either post in the comments or send me an email ( about your family reunion:

How many people attended?

How many cookbooks did you make? How many recipes? How long did it take you to put it together?

Have you made a cookbook this year instead of a family reunion to cut down on gas spending?

What else did you do for your family reunion?

Just write whatever you’d like to say about it, and I’ll include what I can in our press release. (If you’d rather me not use your real name, let me know!)


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  1. Hello,

    Our family reunion was held July 3 – 5, 2009 in Wabigoon, ON. We had 165 people attend for all over Canada and the United States!

    I purchased the software because I was making a cookbook for our family reunion. I asked family members 4 months ahead of time to submit recipes to me to be entered into the cookbook. I had a wonderful response. We printed out one copy of the cookbook for display and for a door prize at the catered dinner we had on the Saturday night.

    Our cookbook was over 100 pages and instead of printing out cookbooks for each person, we made CD’s instead to lower costs. I printed labels that had shown our grandparents wedding picture and then their 25th anniversary picture. On the CD, along with the cookbook, I also included all the old pictures that I had collected for the reunion. Everyone was very happy to have them in their own family history records.

    Thank you!

  2. Further to my comments above, our family reunion was a huge success. We planned for lots of activities especially for the kids. Our mantra for the weekend was “If the kids are happy then the adults are happy!”

    The family Tug-O-War was great. We a kids and an adult tug-o-war….We handed out prizes at the dinner on Saturday….A Horseshoe Tournament was a huge success for the adults…The prize was awarded at the dinner as well….We held a raffle for donated prizes such as photo albums, old pictures placed in photo plates, family reunion aprons and the grand prize of a family reunion quilt made by an aunt that had old family pictures on it. It was a beautiful piece of art!

    The reunion was a huge success and I was so pleased to have played a role in it.

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