computer showing dark tunnel with title: How to Choose Good Recipe Software & Avoid the Data-Entry Dungeon

How to Choose Good Recipe Software & Avoid the Data-Entry Dungeon

Once upon a time there was a good recipe software, and there was a bad recipe software.

The good recipe software was easy to use, had plenty of options, and left anyone entering data happy and fulfilled.

The good recipe software meant the users could quickly make a wonderful family cookbook filled with beloved recipes, family stories and photographs.

This recipe book became a family keepsake worthy of future generations.

The bad recipe software, on the other hand, locked users into a dungeon of darkness for any data-entry task by making them follow a tedious pathway called “click and select.”

Cookbook creators became exhausted and wondered if the end result was worth the effort.

Instead of being fun and pleasurable, like the good recipe software, the bad recipe software made making a family cookbook drudgery.

Cookbook-makers felt they were doing a time-intensive chore rather than enjoying getting the job done. So they put it off until later rather .

…When I awoke from my nap, I recognized this modern fairytale for what it was: The classic battle of good over evil, productivity over sloth, success over frustration, efficiency over futility, and achievement over disillusionment.

They say all dreams come from one’s subconscious mind!

It is true that most of the recipe software I’ve tried makes you click on drop-down menus to select ingredients. 

For example, you can click “1/4” then “cup” or “teaspoon” then select other ingredients such as flour, sugar, etc.

While this sounds like a good idea, entering a recipe is so nightmarishly SLOW using the click and select way!

No wonder cookbook makers try to use short recipes with that type of recipe software.

I get carpal tunnel syndrome just thinking about the click and select process for recording recipes and making family cookbooks!

Why Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software is good!

With our great recipe software, there’s no clicking drop-down menus to select ingredients. Instead you can copy and paste whole recipes right into the cookbook-making recipe template!

This feature is super-handy for borrowing recipes from websites or pasting them from MS Word documents or other writing apps. 

In fact, the only time you have to click and select is when you want to use the onscreen Recipe Builder window to standardize fractions or check spelling on unfamiliar cooking terms!

Now for my next nap…If I could only turn my thoughts toward Caribbean island beaches, steel drums, and muscles rippling in the sun…

Happy cookbooking,


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  1. I’m a Professional Software Tester for the Government Contractor and found several problems with the software. I am not happy with the quality of the product but would like to see it fixed and use it in the future. How can I list the problems encountered so the developers can fix the discrepancies?

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