Blank Recipe Cards vs The Cranky Granny

Blank Recipe Card Madness

Ruth and I collided as I pulled ginger snaps out of the oven. “Oh my goodness, Erin, I’m sorry,” she said. We both creak over to pick up the mess of recipe cards scattered across her kitchen floor.

“Ruth,” I say patiently, because Ruth sometimes needs a little patience. “Recipe cards? Why not punch cards? Or better yet scrawl some symbols on slabs of stone or papyrus?”

“I like to be able to pick up any card for any time to get cooking at a moment’s notice.” She looks at me a little shy. Like she isn’t 64, hasn’t cooked for 7 grandchildren, and hasn’t ever seen anything as confrontational as a cranky granny who owns a cookbook software company.

“Ruth,” I say, maybe a little less patiently. “I can’t even make out some of these, scrawled out in pencil and nearly rubbed out with butter and grease. And how long does it take you to find a card? It takes a moment’s notice to stuff a card in that old box, but how long does it take to find it again?”

“But I just like blank recipe cards. You take a blank recipe card and you can write anything you want on it. A blank recipe card is like a new day. Anything can happen.”

Ruth is a romantic. Romantic grandmas can be very stubborn people. But she’s only 64, still young and impressionable. So I put up my best argument.

“If you use my software to print your own recipe book, all your recipes will always be in alphabetical order every time by recipe type. All your cookies will always be with all your other cookies. All your soups will be with all your other soups. And when it gets so warn out that you are embarrassed to show it to your best friend–ahem–you can just print another copy. And print out a copy for her too.”

She flinches a little. “But the blank recipe cards, Erin! I love the blank recipe cards!”

I knew I had her. “So you can still use the blank recipe cards. Write on them all you want. But then staple them to the blank pages inside your recipe book. That way they stay organized. A cookie recipe card gets stapled to a cookie page in your cookbook. Once a year, type all the cards into my software, hit print, and just like that you’ve got an updated cookbook.”

She stayed silent, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had another customer. She may have only been 64, and a romantic 64 at that. But she was old enough to see a little reason.

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  1. What a great idea. I have not bought the soft ware yet ( I am a little tech challenged) but I am seriously considering it. I had never thought about how long it takes to find a favorite recipie, even if it is in a cookbook, if it isn’t your cookbook, it could take too long to find. I just thought of another way to compile my recipies. Thanks again for all this wonderful information.

  2. I am seriously considering purchasing this software as well. I am one of those people that spent hours trying to make my own recipe book, only to find that the next time my husband messed with the computer all of my work was gone. AARRGG!! The only problem I see is that I don’t have a lot of counter space so I prefer to be able to pull out individual recipe cards from my cookbooks so I can hang them as I prepare them. Is that a possibility or is this only in magazine type format? Don’t get me wrong I am almost sold on your product…

  3. Mandy-

    You can definitely print out individual recipes in our software if you like. Very easy to do.

    I definitely hate it when the husband messes with my computer, too. I can’t promise that our software is completely Husband-Proof (is anything?), but it’s definitely Husband-Resistant. You may want to reinforce your anti-Husband security with a good solid rolling pin.


  4. I have bought Matilda for my mom while she can still type with her arthritis. Basically I’d like to know two things

    1. If I buy another copy of Matilda can I back up her recipes and load on my computer at home, so that I can print on my color laser printer?

    2. Also, is there a possibility of merging/copying/whatever recipes and combining them?

    Thanks for your help!


    p.s. My mom thinks your software is great.

  5. Hi, David-
    I’m glad your mom likes it!
    There’s no simple way to merge different recipes right now. Basically, you’d have to copy and paste each individually.

    However, what probably makes the most sense is to buy a second copy of the software, install it on your PC, and then copy her data onto your PC. The data is stored in C:\Program Files\Matilda\MatildaBack

    Just move MatildaBack to whichever PC you want to work on and you’ll have the most current recipes.


  6. I also like pulling out one card at a time. So I was just thinking that whatever program I use (and it will likely be this one), I will just bind it in a large ring binder and cover the pages with plastic page protectors rather than do the spiral binding kit sold here.


  7. My granddaughter and I want to make a cookbook. We will exchange recipes via email. What would be the best way to use the software so that we both can make decisions. can I email her templates?
    She lives out of state. Also is the software apple ibook compatible?

  8. Astrid-
    That could definitely work.

  9. EJ Cygan-
    I’m afraid our product isn’t compatible with Mac.
    Once you both have the software installed, just email the file C:\Program Files\Matilda\MatildaBack between computers and you can easily see the work each of you have done on the book.

  10. I just bought the software and am going to make a “remembrance cookbook” from my mother’s receipes. Many are written on bridge score pads, backs of receipts, cards, etc. That’s part of the memory I want to capture. Some are in letters that have preserved part of the letter and therefore parts of history. I hope to make pictures of the papers and letters by scanning and then include with the receipe. Will this work?

  11. I am looking at your software for out family and have the following questions.

    Is there a limit to the numbr of recipes you can type in?

    Do you have to use all the sections (history, birthdays, address etc.)or just what you want in the cookbook? If you don’t use all sections do they show up as blank pages?

    Can we create our own cover from scratch?

    Which templates are the 5.5 X 8.5 size?

    I think your product look very easy to use and would fit our need.


  12. Carol-
    There’s no limit to the recipes. I’ve seen people enter thousands of recipes without a problem.

    You don’t have to use all the sections. Many people just want to make a recipe book.

    You can add a custom photo to the front cover. Of course, you can always create your own front cover in photoshop.


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  14. Hi, Natalie-
    Yes, it does for nearly everybody.

    Truth is we’ve run into a few glitches on a couple of computers, but they are a small number and we always recommend they use TinySpell, a free little program available here:


  15. If one downloads TinySpell, how does one use it?

    How do you access it to check the recipes in your software?


  16. If you buy the software, you should be able to install it on multiple computers without buying multiple copies. Are you going to be another Microsoft Matilda? Even if Matilda says you cant, you really can. EULA should allow for use on any of your computers. If I own 5 computers, should I have to buy 5 copies of the software just so I can use it on every computer?

  17. Hi Anony-
    You can install it on up to 3 computers, which is pretty generous by most software standards these days. And we’re a small, family business, so we’re open to unlocking it for more computers if you can give us a good reason on a case-by-case basis.

  18. Lol, I can understand her attachment to the recipe cards as I have a sentimental attachment to those I am honored to have inherited. However, I love this software. I have children that have moved out on their own and others yet to fly from the nest. I love being able to use the software to compile a book full of love and comfort that they grew up knowing and tasting.
    The result is that I do still have and love the original recipe cards that contain the lovenly hand written recipes passed down by my Great Grandmother, Grandmother( both now pased away) and others. These, as they are added into my cookbook are then sealed and protecte , to be kept in a safe place to just read occasionally and remember fondly those days as a child at their side learning their ways.
    So now I have the best of both worlds. I have a cookbook and recipes that I can pass on to others. Allowing me to keep safe, from further damage though use, those treasured recipe cards.

  19. How can I back up the receipts to another hard drive so that if the computer goes down and I have to reload the program I don’t loose everything or can it be done?

  20. I just read(better) the comments on this page, does the backup also keep the pictures intack? Thanks for a fantastic program!!

  21. It’s a really great idea!
    What cought my eyes was the recipe, though, because it is not of a Hungarian goulash. Still, it also may result something tasty 🙂

  22. @ Jim, If you use the e-mail address then I can let you know which file you need to back-up. Yes, the back-up will be your complete cookbook. If you ever need to re-download Matilda after a crash or because you have a new computer, then all you have to do is copy the one file from your back-up drive into the Matilda program.

  23. @ Laura. It’s not a Hungarian Goulash? Well, it has beef and my favorite spice, Paprika in it so it’ll do me just fine!

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