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The other day I was trying to think of some clever dish for dinner. I had several ingredients that by themselves were probably very adequate, but a bit boring. I thumbed through my family cookbook, and didn’t find anything inspiring that would suit the ingredients I had available. The weather didn’t permit a trip to the supermarket, so I started surfing the internet for inspiration. 

That’s when I discovered It is a recipe search engine that finds recipes on other websites and makes recipe suggestions based on the ingredients you have on hand.

For example, when I typed frozen chicken tenders, bok choy, and spinach into the search engine, it returned one recipe: Quick Chicken & Greens Stir-Fry. It also told me that I would need several other ingredients to make the recipe: chicken stock, vegetable oil, cornstarch and teriyaki sauce. will tell you how many recipes can be made with the ingredients you have, including how many you can make right now.

You can decide if you want to see recipes that classify as starters, entrees, desserts, or you can see all results. If food allergies are a concern, allows you to exclude specific foods from the search (such as pork), or exclude whole categories of foods such as all meat, all dairy, all fish, all shellfish, all gluten and all nuts. Pretty neat.

While I would never suggest you drop your family cookbook for an internet search engine, does make finding recipes for everyday meals somewhat more fun. Whether you make any of the recipes you find, or modify them and put them in your family cookbook, is strictly your choice.

By the way, the website also inspired me about what not to make. In my opinion, the cold weather required a more comforting recipe than stir-fry, so I made a wonderful chicken soup with the chicken tenders, two greens, and added a can of fava beans. A recipe truly worthy of a cold winter’s night that even I would add to my family cookbook.

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  1. Hi!

    While above is inspirational, there is one similar recipe search engine that i find more educational:

    It recommends substitutes for missing ingredients, which helped me start improvising more than i used to.


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