Our New Website Design Makes Cookbooking Even More Fun

Have you noticed? We have scrambled up our website a little bit.

2009 has been an exciting year for us. Nearly half-way through it, and here we are with a whole slew of new things to talk about!  We have so many great new products to show you that we redesigned our website to make it easier for you to see all our new stuff.

In addition to our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, we now offer binders, recipe cards, and advice you need to save your precious family recipes.

You can either mouse-over the tabs to get drop-down menus, or click on the tab to enter the section’s home page. Either way, you’ll be amazed at all the new information that we have added.

Here is a brief tour of the main tabs on our The Cookbook People home page:

Discusses the features of our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, including how to use our cookbook software to create a front cover, table of contents, recipes, biographies, address book, birthday calendar, and back cover.  We also show you how it works in three simple steps: type in recipes; type in people; choose a design and print. Also on this page are template designs, a demonstration video, and how to buy the cookbook software.

Here we show our most popular recipe binders, our half-page recipe binders, and our full-page recipe binders for you to keep your cherished family recipes. These high-quality binders are designed to be versatile and very customizable so your personality can shine through.

This tab features our most popular recipe boxes, including our beautiful wood and designer styles with either modern or nostalgic looks that will fit most any kitchen decor. We also have recipes cards that fit into our recipe boxes. Choose from three blank styles (available in pink, yellow, or blue, plain white, or blue-lined), or seven cute designer styles.

Here is where you can join the Forum for tech support, gossip, hints about cookbook organizing and printing, share recipes, read our blog, get free stuff and get help and support for your cookbook projects.

Oh, I almost forgot. While visiting our “Binders” and “Boxes” tabs you also have access to our other products: cookbook stand, kitchen conversion chart, grocery shopping list, menu fridge pad, menu planner pad, and coupon purse.  We even have a beautiful cookbook for sale, Grandmother’s Cookbook written by Elizabeth Rose von Hohen. Although it was not produced using our cookbook-making software, we think it is a wonderful inspiration for anyone putting together a family cookbook.

So, that’s it. Whew! There are so many things to see, so I won’t take more of your time since you’ve got a lot to look at. Please let us know what you think, as we are always open to suggestions about our cookbook software and other offerings. We are a small family business that truly cares about helping you preserve your family traditions.

Happy cookbooking,


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