Labor Day Picnic

The last official “free” days of summer are just before Labor Day, when everyone starts thinking about school projects, autumn Halloween fun, the holidays, and cooler weather. We still have some warm summer days to enjoy the outdoors, so it would be nice to plan a Labor Day picnic.Continue reading

Taste Memories & Time Travel

Not sure about everyone else, but when I taste certain foods my mind wanders back to a different time. The time travel I experience through taste memories isn’t déjà vu (which is an odd phenomenon itself), but an overwhelming sensation of nostalgia, mild sadness, and glee, all at the same time.Continue reading

Top 4 Supplementary Software to Use with Matilda

Every once in awhile, I’ll speak with customers who have questions about supplementary software that they can use to help create their family cookbooks.

After a bit of personal trial and error, I have found, and often use, the following very helpful supplementary software programs. Many other software products probably exist and do similar jobs, but I like the ones described below best because they work and because they are mostly free. Thus, my top 4 supplementary software to use with Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software are:Continue reading

Funeral Food Has a Higher Calling: Comfort & Joy

funeral food

I was looking for some inspired funeral food the other day to take to a grieving family, and was struck by the lack of local information on the subject.  I realized that churches could provide a great service for their congregations and the community if they could include a section in their church fundraising cookbook that explains the local traditions of funeral food and funeral etiquette.Continue reading

Social Networking Reunions Help Reconnect Classmates, Workmates, Etc.

Can you imagine getting reacquainted with people you once played with side-by-side in the school yard, or worked with on projects at former employers?

With the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites coming into the homes of everyday mainstream Americans, it stands to reason that social networking reunions with former classmates and workmates may suddenly become as popular as family reunions. Continue reading

Family Cookbook Pleases All at Family Reunion

We got a lovely note about family cookbooks at family reunions from our software user Colette Surovy of Canada. Colette’s family reunion was held July 3-5 with a grand 165 people attending from all over Canada and the United States.

Colette made a family cookbook for her family reunion using Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software. She collected recipes from family members approximately four months in advance and had a wonderful response from her enthusiastic relatives.Continue reading

Friends & Family Cookbooks


Sometimes your friends are your family. Sometimes friends expand our dining horizons more than family members can — teaching us new ways to enjoy food, or broadening our exposure to exotic ingredients they’ve gleaned from traveling, networking or socializing with other friends.

I once introduced a friend to the wonders of jicama with lime and salted chilé powder, and 25 years later he still remembers me for that as we reconnected on Facebook!Continue reading

Printing Your Family Cookbook Away from Home


Some of our lovely “Matilda’s” users have asked questions in the past regarding printing their cookbooks at the neighborhood quick print shop or at one of the national chains instead of printing their cookbook at home.

Many of them would like to get printing quotes from several shops around town in order to get the best product at the best price.  We think this is a good idea, and often suggest a standard format for providing this information to the printer/counter person. Continue reading

6 Tips to Great Family Reunion Planning

Did you see your family members as much as you think you should have in 2008? Maybe it’s time to plan a family reunion and tie it all together with a family cookbook!

Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips to make the planning easier:

Estimate how many family members may attend the family reunion. Make phone calls to one person in each family group who could estimate attendance. Have them pass the word.Continue reading

Capture Missing Family Photos at Thanksgiving for Your Family Cookbook

Back in July, I talked about creating a timeline for completing your family cookbook in time for Christmas giving. The suggestion for November included taking any missing photos at family gatherings to include in the family cookbook.

Now that Thanksgiving is just over the river and through the woods, so to speak, let’s review some useful tips for taking those missing family photos for your family cookbook: Continue reading