Try a Cookbook for Your Next Church Fundraiser

Do you belong to a church or other organization that can benefit from fundraising activities?  If so, you might want to consider creating a cookbook to sell to members of your local community. With a powerful cookbook software, you can create a cookbook easily and quickly. Here are a few steps to get you started: […]

Create Fundraiser Cookbooks at Home for Fun & Non-Profits

Creating a fundraiser cookbook for a local charity, church, school, or community organization has long been a respected way for groups to earn money to finance many worthwhile projects. I have at least 45 fundraiser cookbooks from all over the country on my bookshelf. Some of them are my favorites, and I use them constantly […]

21 Rotten Foods Found in Your Family Cookbook

How many recipes for rotten food are in your family cookbook?  Or, how many recipes in your family cookbook include ingredients classified as rotten food? I bet you have quite a few! Consider that some of the most beloved rotten food tastes from the Americas and Europe (especially France) are based on some form of […]

5 Tips for Bake Sale Success

Is there a section in your family cookbook devoted to the age-old fundraiser known as a bake sale? If not, you might want to add these 5 tips for bake sale success into a new section devoted to such events, along with recipes for your favorite easy-to-make bake sale goodies. With schools and churches having […]

14 Baking Tips & Techniques from a 1977 Collective Cookbook

In my ever-present quest to clear out “stuff,” as the late George Carlin used to say, I found one of my old collective fundraiser cookbooks that had some serious baking tips and techniques nestled in the “Cake” section of the cookbook. Although the collective cookbook was published a mere 31 years ago, some of the […]

Copyrights, Recipes and Creating Cookbooks

We received an inquiry this week from Mara Ruffino, who asks about copyrights and creating cookbooks. My answer is worth sharing with all of you since last month there was quite an online controversy between a blog and a food website that alleged one of its copyrighted recipes was being compromised. Here is Mara’s question: […]