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Gifts for Co-Workers – Why Not Make a DIY Cookbook?

Gifts for co-workers – whether they’re leaving or celebrating something important – can often be a challenge. So why not delight your favorite co-workers with a do-it-yourself cookbook made on your home computer?

What to include in your co-worker’s gift recipe book

Remember all those great dishes your office mates brought to numerous work-related potluck gatherings, baby showers, or birthday celebrations over the years?

I bet many of your co-workers would love an organized collection of these fantastic dishes in a cookbook you’ve compiled just for them.

How to personalise your DIY cookbook

To make a simple do-it-yourself cookbook to gift to your co-workers or office-mates, all you need is your creative talents and Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software.


  • You can then use these pages for duplicating 2-sided at a local copy shop. That way you can make multiple copies and be ready for when the next office gift ’emergency’ arises!
  • Fold each recipe page in half, to form part of the gift cookbook’s center section.
  • You can cover this center section in a colored paper with a personal message from you, some scrapbook art, or other personal theme appropriate to your co-worker(s).
  • Staple all the center pages together for a nice little booklet that will truly be a unique and much appreciated co-worker gift.

Not only is this do-it-yourself cookbook for co-workers a fabulous gift in itself, it’s a great way to capture the wonderful camaraderie of the workplace.

If the gift is for a co-worker who has been at the company for many years, you could also include photos of any special food-related work events.

Who knows? You might inspire the “Boss” to allocate resources to expand your do-it-yourself cookbook for co-workers into a company project!

Dilbert, eat your heart out.

Happy cookbooking,


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