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How to Get Your Recipes Super-Organized

Are your kitchen drawers and cupboards overflowing with ‘potentially useful’ recipes? Get your recipes super-organized with my simple workflow!

If you’re anything like me, you horde a whole bunch of recipes because they seem like they might be useful one day. Then you have to face the awful task of sorting through them. A task which, of course, you keep putting off.

One year I got so fed up of that unwieldy pile of recipes that I finally took the bull by the horns. I organized my family recipes and my entire recipe collection!

The good news is that the simple, step-by-step approach I used made the task not so awful after all. Try it yourself and you’ll soon have your recipes in order.

Here are the simple steps I used to achieve a super-organized recipe collection.

5 steps to getting your recipes organized

1. Schedule your recipe sorting

On my weekly schedule I set aside no more than one hour to review and sort, keep or toss recipes in my recipe collection.  I scheduled myself to do this while watching a favorite television show on a specific night.

2. Make a folder for each type of recipe

While watching the TV show, I glanced at a recipe (very easy for us habitual multi-taskers) to determine if it was something I truly wanted to make, or had made and liked. If it passed either test, I added it to a pile of recipes of similar type (e.g. desserts, salads, entrees).

At the end of the hour, I created a file folder for each type of recipe. If the recipe type was a new category, I gave it a new file folder. Otherwise, I added recipes to file folders I had made on a previous evening of sorting. I placed these alphabetically in a cardboard box.

3. Sort your recipes again

When I had reviewed all of my recipe collection and tossed the losers, I had a nice box full of categorized file folders.

I was certainly in a much better place than previously!

I could have chosen to stop there, and continue my old ways of clipping and hoarding, but instead I went one step further: I sorted the recipes again.

After the second sort, I had a manageable and organized recipe collection that I was truly interested in keeping.

4. Create a Recipe Collection Cookbook

My final step was to get the paper copies of these recipes into electronic form.

About that time I was in the process of developing Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software. So I used my recipe collection as a way to test the cookbook software’s easy-to-use recipe template. Plus it helped turn my good intentions of creating a super-organized recipe collection into a reality.

Whenever I want a recipe, all I do is search by recipe name in the search bar on the bottom of the recipe template and print any recipe as needed.

5. Repeat your recipe organization yearly

I use the same file folders I created for my original recipe collection for sorting and to store new clippings and ideas.

Every year I go through the files and cull them out for entering in my cookbook software’s recipe template.

In this way, I make sure I keep my recipe collection super-organized and don’t hoard loads of recipes I’ll never use.

Happy New Year Cookbooking,


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