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Garlic Toast – Twice Broiled for Extra Flavor

Garlic toast – twice broiled? It might sound complicated, but this simple, standby recipe is sure to tickle the tastebuds!

Last week some unexpected company dropped by for a visit. It was late in the afternoon, and I had just pulled some fresh lettuce out of my little spring garden. My guest was not very hungry, so we decided to have a chat in the sunroom with a glass of cold white wine.

Garlic toast – a perfect snack

An hour went by, and it seemed like a nosh was in order. I invited my guest to help me make a quick salad using my fresh greens.

I suggested making my twice broiled garlic toast to go with it and my friend was so enthusiastic that I thought you might like it too.

So, here’s my recipe for twice broiled garlic toast. There are no measurements really, and like most of my dishes, it’s done to taste. It’s great with any salad or red sauce pasta dish. Or just by itself. You might like to try it at your next family gathering!

Recipe for Garlic Toast – broiled twice!


1 loaf fresh French bread, thickly sliced
Salted butter, softened
Crushed garlic or garlic powder
1 bottle Ranch Dressing
Grated parmesan cheese


Slice the French bread and set aside. Crush fresh garlic – as many cloves as you can stand. Or used powdered garlic and mix with softened salted butter.

Spread garlic butter on bread slices and broil for about a minute – until the edges are just brown and the garlic butter has soaked into the bread.

Remove from the broiler and top slices with ranch dressing, spreading it all over the top of the bread slices. Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Broil again until brown and bubbly.

Serve twice broiled garlic toast on a nice platter and stand back.

Garlic toast – bet you eat the whole loaf!

I’ve taken this twice broiled garlic toast to many potlucks, and rarely get a slice. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy it with a friend, like my unexpected guest. Turns out that, even though we weren’t hungry, we ate the whole loaf!

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