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Taking the ‘Tech’ out of Recipe Software so It’s Easy to Use

Recipe software, recipe book software, cookbook software, whatever you want to call it to make your own cookbook, the key to your success is how easy it is to use.

Nothing is more frustrating that knowing you need to accomplish something with your recipe software but don’t understand how to do it. Add a deadline, and waah! You can be in tears in no time.

So when we created Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, we tried to take the “tech” out so anybody could use it.

Some recipe softwares pack so many “value-added” features into their product bundle that you forget what you’re buying.

Cookbook software with simple functions

In reality, most people want just a few simple functions upfront in a recipe software:

  • Recipe templates that accept typed or cut-and-paste recipe entries
  • Automatic formatting
  • Ability to customize pages
  • Results to be proud of
  • Ability to get help quickly, if needed

Then, after making your family cookbook and including your favorite family recipes, it should also be easy to:

  • Edit the family cookbook
  • Easily print the cookbook
  • Create custom recipe cards
  • Add photos and bios
  • Add more recipes, if desired
  • Search recipes
  • Email recipes to others

We are the first to admit that other cookbook software does exist. However, WE strive to help you write a family cookbook in a friendly, less tech way that still enables you to obtain great professional-quality results.

And you’ve been telling us that we’re succeeding!

Happy cookbooking,


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