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Last Minute Hostess Gift? Make a Cookbook!

You are going to be late for a dinner party this evening, and you forgot to pick up a hostess gift, too.  What do you do? Solution: Notify the hostess you’re going to be late and quickly make a gift cookbook!That’s right, in the time it takes your husband to remove his dirty yard work clothes, take a shower, shave and dress, you can make a fabulous hostess gift that is both personal and clever.

Here’s how.

How to make a last minute cookbook

Open Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software and select the Recipe Template tab.

Go through your selection of recipes and click on “Print the recipe in cookbook” box for each recipe you want to include.  Pick out your favorite appetizers, entrees and desserts. (Oor just desserts if your hostess has a sweet tooth!)  About 15 recipes is a nice length.

Select one of the half-page formats and print the recipes. This will give you two-up of the same recipes on a single page. Use some of those cute scrapbooking scissors with the fancy edges to trim through the middle to separate the two recipes. (You will now have a second set of fancy-edged recipes to create another hostess gift in the future.)

Once you have your 15 recipes printed and trimmed, be sure to print out the half-page contents and front cover, too. The half-page two-up front cover design is perfect as a front cover and back cover; just fold it in half and insert the trimmed half-page recipes so the cover wraps around them.  Make sure the pages are even and sitting flush to the fold, then staple them into the cover in two or three places.

Voila, you have a small booklet that’s perfect as a last-minute hostess gift, made right on your home computer in no time. And your husband is just coming down the stairs searching for the car keys.

Extra ways to make your hostess gift cookbook special

(It would have been nice to have one of our half-page binders for your hostess gift, but since this is a last-minute gift item, the binder is just not possible this time. You can order one of our half-page binders now to store the remaining set of recipes for a future hostess gift.)

Of course, this last-minute hostess gift idea works best if you have some of your own recipes already in the cookbook software templates.

If you don’t have any entered yet, we provide 100 recipes already loaded into the cookbook software, so you can easily click through and decide recipes from my favorites.

Your hostess will love your thoughtfulness, and won’t even remember you were late.

Happy last-minute hostess gift cookbook making!


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