3 Easy Sour Cream and Cream Cheese Baked Potato Toppers

How do you decide whether to use sour cream or cream cheese to top a baked potato? Well, I don’t decide. I use both to make my baked potato toppers. I make a basic baked potato topper recipe by beating together an 8 ounce package of regular cream cheese (that’s been softened), and an 8 ounce carton of dairy sour cream. All the lumps should be gone and the remaining mixture should be on the fluffy side.

Then, depending upon my mood or taste craving for the moment, I use the basic mixture to create several flavorful baked potato toppers.  Baked potatoes are always great to eat, whether baked in traditional oven or microwave (a good summer alternative).

If I’m in the mood for something garden fresh on my baked potato, I will add chopped cucumber, diced up tomatoes, salt and chopped fresh cilantro to the basic mixture. A little jack cheese shredded over the top is nice, too.

For a quick curry-flavored baked potato topper, I often stir in chopped up smoked almonds, chopped dried fruit pieces, curry powder, and garlic salt. An entree baked potato like this could also handle bits of chopped chicken or beef in the baked potato topper.

If you have a few boiled eggs, a deviled egg baked potato topper can be made by blending diced hard-cooked egg, chopped fresh parsley, salt, Tabasco sauce, and lemon pepper.

Sometimes I just grab a random spice off my spice rack (yes, I’m plugging my spice rack!) and see what happens! Not a fan of the cardamom one, but the paprika was MADNESS!

With summer officially coming soon, having some quick and tasty recipes as a staple in your summer menu-planning arsenal is a great way to enjoy all those outdoor activities on the agenda much faster.

Baked potato toppers, using the ideas above and many of your own creation, are so simple and inexpensive, yet the results can be quite satisfying.  Best of all, they are easy additions to your family cookbook.

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