More Kitchen Gadgets, Decluttering & the Modern Cook

We got a few comments offline about the blog entry I did last week about kitchen gadgets. I’d like to revisit that topic just a bit, because I apparently gave off the impression that I am a packrat for kitchen gadgets.

Not True!  I am a minimalist regarding kitchen gadgets. The fewer the better in my opinion. Ever since I saw the Electric Paper Towel roller back in the ’80s, I have resolved to have as few of those alleged work saver kitchen gadgets as possible.

Why? Because most of the tasks these kitchen gadgets are designed for are single focus, not multi-purpose, which clutters my drawers and cabinets. And, because most of the “work” they save does not create the yin-yang harmony one is led to believe in those “wait, there’s more” style infomercials. For every onion you chop in a food chopper, there is a blade, container, top AND scraper to wash.  With a knife, all you do is wash the knife and wipe the cutting board. (That’s half the work if done the old-fashioned way.)

I have my own “modern” ideas about decluttering. A few of my alternatives that don’t require extra storage space and are multi-purpose are noted in the table below:

Miracle Kitchen

Gadget VS.

Matilda’s Declutter Alternative

Hamburger patty mold


Tomato slicer


Pineapple cutter


Apple corer


Tea bag parker


Lettuce knife

Hands (tear lettuce)



Cheese slicer


Granted, there are a few kitchen gadgets that I do find fairly useful, mainly because they can be applied to more than one type of food. Some of you may think these are kitchen utensils, but I just lump them all into the kitchen gadget category:

Bottle opener
Grapefruit spoon (well, okay, this is specialized, but they stack neatly)
Measuring spoons, cups (but not scoops)
Potato peeler
Egg Turner

You have my permission to include a similar list in your family recipe cookbook if you are using the recipe templates in my cookbook software. I’m sure you can add to this list based on your personal preferences, too.

I used to have kitchen gadgets that I didn’t even know what they did, and had no clue how to use them anymore. Off to the thrift store donation bin they went. It was quite freeing, I might add.

After all, we are trying to reduce our energy costs and be more efficient in the kitchen, and what better way than to declutter the gadget drawer, cut down on extra work, and simplify.

Happy cookbooking!


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