Get a Tablet PC on your Fridge for $9.95 (Well, sort of!)

Ok, I admit that headline is a little internet-y. But honestly, you’ve got to see this refrigerator magnet we make now.

This thing is AMAZING! Just look:

It’s not a tablet (or a smart phone for that matter). But Looking up conversions on phones or tablets is unhygienic. A cell phone has 15 times the bacteria than your bathroom, as one example. This is a much cleaner, tap-free way to get all those useful conversions without touching technology.

Other things to consider:

  • PERFECT GIFT: This is a must-have for any kitchen. It covers hundreds of questions professional cooks & beginners face in the kitchen.
  • COMPLETE GUIDE: The Cookbook People sees thousands of our customers recipe books that they make with us. We compiled all the most referenced questions into one simple chart.
  • MADE IN USA: We design, manufacture and ship these ourselves from Boise, Idaho, USA. 🙂 Buy American! 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • SO MUCH! Conversions/Advice for Teaspoon/Tablespoon/Cup/Fluid Ounce conversion, Fahrenheit/Celsius, Steaks, Roasts, Altitude, Bread, Butter, Egg, Flour, Rice, Sugar, Turkey, Water, Egg boiling time, Freezer shelf lives, Dry spaghetti measure, PLUS a 9inch ruler!

Get it here.  

Good cookbooking!


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