Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

How do you organize your seed packets?  Here at the Cookbook People store we have thought of that for you.  This little engraved box is the perfect solution.  It would look pretty sitting on your counter.

Make this recipe box personal to whomever you give it to (or yourself!) Write up to 50 letters (fewer letters will allow us to make the text bigger.)

7 wide x 4 3/4 deep x 5 1/2 tall (outside measurements), 6 1/8 wide x 4 deep x 4 1/2 tall (inside measurements).

A recipe box made from sustainable resources. Enjoy storing your seed packets in this simple, durable yet classy box without any negative impact on our environment!

Comes complete with 9 pre-printed dividers. Fits cards up to 4×6.


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