Use Page Protectors! Crusty food does not always add vintage charm to cookbooks

Busy cooks can be proud of themselves for creating a custom cookbook in a binder.


Sometimes, when you are busy creating the kind of recipes that cause your family members and houseguests to declare you the World’s Best Food Maker Ever, you can lose sight of the importance of organization.


Once you’ve spent time putting all of your culinary inspiration on paper and dragging out the ever elusive three-hole punch so that you can file them away in your super tough sexy kitchen binder, it’s natural to just want to sit back and enjoy the feeling of awesomeness that is sure to follow.


Not to rain on your parade, but you aren’t finished. Unless you made that cookbook to sit on a high shelf and look pretty, it’s going to get splattered. You will crack an egg and inadvertently drag mucus across its pages. Your dog will bump your knee while begging for a drop of cookie dough and you’ll accidently toss a shiny chocolate chip onto the recipe page where it will go unnoticed until it becomes one with the paper. Even if you do manage to carefully scrape it off, it’s gonna leave a mark.


Do you want this kind of crusty chaos mucking up your beautiful collection of culinary inspiration? No. Don’t try to add vintage charm to your cookbook with unidentifiable splats and splatters. Go the extra foot. Drop your recipes in recipe page protectors. Hey, you won’t have to bother with the elusive three-hole punch that way, either.

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