How to Eat a Cupcake

Thought I knew how to eat a cupcake. I bet you thought you knew how to eat a cupcake, too.  Recently I saw a TV food show about the favorite foods of some of the top chefs in the country. One of them gushed about a local cupcake and catering company in her nearby town.

And then she showed us all how to each a cupcake.

Most people think they know how to eat a cupcake. You take the pleated cupcake liner paper off and toss it away (or chew on it awhile). Then you dig your chops into the middle, biting off an equal amount of cake and frosting, often smudging a bit on your upper lip.

Not any more. The top chef’s how to eat a cupcake directions are as follows:

1. Remove the cupcake’s pleated paper liner. Discard.
2. Hold the cupcake with one hand between the thumb and forefinger just below the frosting line.
3. Squeeze off about half of the cake portion from the bottom.
4. Place that portion on top of the frosting.
5. Eat like a sandwich.

From my vantage point, the chef’s demonstration on how to eat a cupcake was a brilliant take on what I’ve always considered an awkward thing to eat. You are always trying to balance the frosting to cake ratio and not get the frosting all over your hands, face and whatnot. (In my case, whatnot often is my lap.)

Now, with the chef’s how to eat a cupcake solution, my enjoyment of all the newfangled flavors being created by my local cupcakery is bound to increase.

The chef’s how to eat a cupcake solution is:

– Less messy!
– A more equitable distribution of cake to frosting!
– Easier to eat from a balance standpoint!
– More enjoyable because there is less worry about dropping the cupcake or getting messy hands!
– Most sensible!

More importantly, why didn’t anyone think of how to eat a cupcake before?  Or am I just one of the last to know?  Or, just maybe whoopie pies will be the next big thing… your family cookbook, recipe box or cooking scrapbook ready?

Happy Cookbooking,


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