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One of my ladies group friends recently asked me about my cookbook making software because one of the other members of our group had told her that I was the family cookbook making guru.

“I’m not one of those people who can see a blank piece of paper and know what to make of it,” my friend told me, quite in confidence. (I won’t use her name in deference to her desire to remain anonymous.) “I’m not all that comfortable using a computer. I know how to check my e-mail from the grandkids, and I’ve used some of the word processing programs. That’s about all I know. Is your cookbook making software easy to use and set up for the computer-challenged, like me?”

I had to be honest with her. “Absolutely!” I said emphatically. “My cookbook making software is exactly what you need to make a great-looking family cookbook but without all the technical hassles of knowing the difference between a pixel and a megabyte.”


“Well, what I mean is that you don’t need to be very computer savvy to use my cookbook making software,” I explained. “And, as for making the cookbook look good, we have 27 different design theme templates in our cookbook making software that you can select to give your cookbook a stylish and professional-quality look.”

“Oh, that’s good. I was worried that I would have to hunt down doo-dads and stuff to make the recipe pages look good.” she added. “It’s quite enough to even find the old family recipes or get them from family members, but to have to do the fancy layout is really beyond me or my patience.”

“Our cookbook making software has other great features, too,” I continued. “You can add family photographs and stories about your family members to make it very personal.”  I also mentioned that photos of the prepared recipe are nice to include. Or even photos of people who contributed a recipe, such as members of a local church group who wanted to make a cookbook as a fundraiser.

“Your cookbook making software sounds quite fantastic,” my friend said, not realizing our product name is Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software.  I hadn’t really told her everything about our cookbook making software, but I guess I sold her on buying it for herself and also one for her daughter who lives out of state.

“I will have some extra time in the coming months, so I’d like to get going on making my family cookbook as a Christmas gift for family members.  They will be so surprised when I tell them that I did it all by myself on my own computer.  I can hardly wait!”

Happy Cookbooking,


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  1. HI I am trying to do th project for fundraiser cookbook the problem is I dont know how to start. its new experience for me . I am working for Independent Living Resource centre In ST. John’s Newfoundland. Hope to hear from you shortly.
    Kellie Warren

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