Edible Plates Make It Easy to Escape Washing Dishes

Maybe you have this same scenario at your house:  I’ll tidy the kitchen in the evening, clearing all the dishes from the sink, only to discover that by morning the sink is littered again with late night snack dishes, used ice cream bowls, and other assorted after-dinner cups, mugs, or glasses. I often wonder if there isn’t a night shift of visitors coming in to take advantage of our home and my good graces.

What if you could go all day and not have to wash any dishes? Wouldn’t that be great? Last week my grandson hit on an idea that resonated with me. Summer is not quite over, so any time saved in the kitchen is a good thing. My grandson’s idea wasn’t to use the dishwasher (which was invented out of necessity and patented in 1886 by Josephine Cochrane  of Shelbyville, Illinois); his idea was to use edible plates for meals instead of throw-away paper or porcelain.

So, I began musing if it would be possible to eat three meals a day on edible plates and not use a traditional plate.  I sorted through the repertoire of edible flat food items: sliced bread, pizza dough rounds, pita pocket bread, flour and corn tortillas, cooked tostada shells, rice cakes, matzo crackers, wonton skins, hollowed-out bread rounds, baguettes, rolls or buns. I even included those cake-style ice cream cones for good measure.

So, yes, edible plates are readily available.  Below are some ideas for using edible plates for one full day of not washing dishes. (It is okay to use a napkin with them, however.)

Edible Plate Breakfast
– Open face egg on toasted bread slice
– Toaster pastry
– Doughnut or bakery pastry
– Egg burrito wrap on flour tortilla with ham, sausage or bacon and/or cheese

Edible Plate Lunch
– Hot dog on a bun
– Slice of pizza
– Tuna salad on a rice cake
– Pita pocket with
– Cold cut wrap sandwich on flour tortilla

Edible Plate Dinner
– Flat tostada shell topped with refried beans, cheese, lettuce & sour cream
– Thick soup in a bread bowl
– Spicy tacos on taco shells, small corn tortillas, or pita pockets
– Chili or pulled pork in an ice cream cup

My grandson is coming over next week, so I think I’ll put some of the edible plate ideas above into action. I may even add an edible plate menu-planning section to his kid-sized recipe book that I’m working on with my cookbook software.  So, I guess at mealtimes during his visit, instead of telling him “clean your plate,” I can just say “eat your plate.” (He might actually DO that! LOL)

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  1. I am looking for a recipe for a edible plate, and found your page, but without a recipe 🙁

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