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We’ve posted a new video on our website that demonstrates the features of several popular styles of our high-quality recipe boxes.  Our narrator is none other than Erin Miller, our illustrious leader and owner of The Cookbook People of Boise, Idaho, who shows some of the best-selling recipe card boxes from our Recipe Box Warehouse, and explains her favorite features of each recipe box.

Check out the video here: The Recipe Box Warehouse

Many recipe boxes in our Recipe Box Warehouse are made in the good old USA in Massachusetts, Texas and Wisconsin. Depending upon the materials, there will be different features: bonded leather to keep kitchen splashes at bay, spaces for family monograms or photos, or you can feel good about renewable resource bamboo.

Our Recipe Box Warehouse has series of premium recipe boxes that are truly killer recipe boxes. They are good enough to be furniture, and will surely keep old family recipes protected from the elements. Hand-made in America, these premium recipe boxes are studio-designed and hand-painted (and signed) by the artist.  These premium recipe boxes are beautiful solid wood, with matching dividers and brass hardware that is as nice as it can be.  The premium recipe boxes truly have an heirloom quality to coordinate with all your heirloom recipes.

For a quick peek at each of our premium recipe box designs, click on the links below:




Veggies Brown

Veggies Cream

I have personally ordered two of the Tulip premium recipe box designs (no, I don’t just go get what I want from the Recipe Box Warehouse, plus shipping is free). One of the Tulip premium recipe boxes is for a friend, and the other is for me. It will be perfect for the new white, blue, and yellow kitchen I’m planning!  Although I have all my family recipes stored in my Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, I still want this pretty item on my counter. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep my decadent dark chocolate treats in it!

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