Supreme Cookbook Binder Kit Bundles Matilda’s Software & Other Cookbook Making Goodies

We have had such demand to bundle our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software that we now offer a great cookbook binder kit that includes many of the most popular items we have available to enhance our customers cookbook-making experience.

This combined cookbook binder kit is a much simpler way to order both our software and our binders with many of the clever extras that can make gift giving easier.

We call it the Supreme Cookbook Binder Kit, because, well, it is. This supreme cookbook binder kit includes some fabulous select merchandise:

– A copy of Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, which allows your gift recipient to create a family heirloom cookbook from a home computer and printer.

– A beautiful navy blue/burgundy/white-colored binder that accommodates half-page recipes (5-1/2 x 8-1/2″).

– Set of 10 tabbed page dividers designed to help you easily organize your cookbook.

– Sheet of 80 high-quality pre-printed cookbook category labels for use with tabbed page dividers.

Once the cookbook is completed and printed, we include more items in the supreme cookbook binder kit that can help keep the family heirloom cookbook in pristine condition:

– A set of 50 half-page size sheet protectors to keep spills and splotches from ruining the family heirloom cookbook.

And, for the sheer joy of cooking, the supreme cookbook binder kit also has:

– A very useful Kitchen Conversion Cheat Sheet by The Cookbook People that can help during the cooking and meal-planning process. The cheat sheet is printed on two colorful information cards that are hole-punched to fit inside the pretty binder.

– A very nice wooden cookbook stand that allows your gift recipient to use the finished cookbook and know that the pages are extra-protected by the clear acrylic shield on the front of the wooden cookbook stand.

Your gift recipient will thoroughly enjoy all these wonderful gift items, especially when you present it in a beautiful large gift bag with tissue paper that is supremely sized to accommodate it all.

With the Supreme Cookbook Binder Kit, you can be assured that you’ll be giving the very best.

Happy Cookbooking,


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  1. I have many, many recipes – will your software accommodate multiple recipes in each category?
    Also, I have a Mac computer. Will the software work with it? As well, does it print !/4 & 1/2 measurements without me typing in each symbol?

    Thank you. Evelyn Huff

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