‘Erin’ Helps Cookbook Author Publish, Sell on Amazon.com

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Cookbook author Kathryn Carriere with her second recipe book as shown on Amazon.com

We are so excited to report that our Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software has inspired one of our customers to publish her second recipe book and sell it on Amazon.com.

That’s right! High school English teacher Kathryn M. Carriere of Houston, Texas, published her second recipe book in July called Spirits for the Mind and Body: 2101 Cocktail and Alcoholic Beverages. It is a whopping 548 pages and features the classic Celtic design template from our Erin software.

Kathryn says she discovered the software after she published her first cookbook, 74 Great-Tasting Chili Recipes, which is also available on Amazon.com. That cookbook was one of her biggest challenges, she says, because she wanted to prove something to herself and to others. With the support of a close friend and two colleagues, Kathryn climbed her Mt. Everest. Once the 164-page book was completed, she was energized, enabled, and empowered to do more. 

“However, I realized that I could do better. That led me to Matilda’s software and the second book. I tried the demo of Erin and it was what I was looking for in terms of helping me organize my cookbooks the way I wanted them. The third book is now completely done (but not published yet), and I am working on a fourth book.”

Using the recipe template in Erin for her second recipe book, Kathryn was able to categorize her beverage recipes into clear sections to make them easier to find, such as: Beer Mug, Brandy Snifter, Champagne, Cocktail, Collins, Coupette, Highball, Irish Mug, Old-Fashioned Pousse-Café, Punch Bowl, Red Wine, Shot Glass, Whiskey Sour, and White Wine.

Kathryn’s first book took 3 months to get published, but only 6 weeks for the second book. She used an on-demand publisher (Trafford Publishing), which included marketing to Amazon.com as part of the package. Now she hopes to “continue writing cookbooks as well as writing novels and travel essays on places that I visit.”

We certainly do wish Kathryn well on her next publishing endeavors! You know, we would never have heard of Huckleberry Finn, Robert’s Rules of Order, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Ulysses, or Walden, if the authors hadn’t had the courage to self-publish. You roar girl!

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  1. Congratulations, Kathryn!

    You have made that huge step of which the rest of us only dream. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks so much for the posting on the blog as well as the wonderful comment that I have received. There really are wonderful people out there. Matilda’s software is so wonderful and easy to use.

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